Supplementary Material: Benchmark: Large-Scale Linear Systems from Order-Reduction

Hoang-Dung Tran, Luan Viet Nguyen, and Taylor T. Johnson

Abstract: This benchmark suite is composed of nine examples of large-scale linear systems, ranging in dimensionality in the tens to the low thousands. The benchmarks are derived from diverse fields such as civil engineering and robotics, and are based on similar existing test sets for model-order reduction algorithms in control and numerical analysis. Each example is provided in the SpaceEx XML model format as single-mode hybrid automaton. Some preliminary reachability analysis results for some of the smaller examples (on the order of tens of dimensions) are presented using SpaceEx.

Paper submission (PDF)
The supplementary materials, including all examples are available here. The latest release of HYST can be used to transform the models to various hybrid systems tools (Flow*, dReach, HyComp, etc.).